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Comics are a business; they depend on fans to survive. And yet the influx of new fans that comes along with every comic book movie is something that the comic community in general greets with elitist derision. Why is it so terrible if a pretty girl who’d never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy until two months ago suddenly walks into your comic shop and wants to read about them? Nobody erupted from the womb implanted with the knowledge of the mystical origin story of Dr. Stephen Strange — somebody introduced you to that character, and the community grew by extension. Other people should be allowed to join, too, regardless of whether they were introduced by some movie they liked.

Tom Reimann,, 3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members, 09/04/2014

If I had my way airs ships would be deployed far and wide 24/7 delivering this message to the four corners of the Earth.

To celebrate my 30th birthday I thought I’d make a playlist of songs I remember fondly from 30 years of listening to music, I decided to limit it to stuff specificity from my era which is about mid 90s to late 2000s, although it did mean I had to leave out David Bowie, Talking Heads the Clash, Roxy Music and allot of others and its not exhaustive by any means but I’m pretty  happy with how it turned out.

However I did put the Smiths and Morrissey on there because it would be a crime not to.

Equal parts nostalgic, embarrassing give it a listen if you like.

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Even though last nights episode of Rick and Morty was at least 60% random improvised madness it still managed to be utter brilliance god I seriosly can’t praise this show highly enough I love it.

The bit with the Fake Doors guy man that was fantastic.

Oh and the bit with the Lucky Charms/Trix parody god that was fucking twisted.

Thorghts on John Dies At The End (The Movie)

I finally watched the John Dies At The End movie and you’ll be surprised to learn that I think the book is better, however that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth you’re time on the country it totally is. Some great performances from the two leads as well as keeping the trippy atmosphere and tone of the book the sort of Douglas Adams by way of HP Lovecraft sadly allot of the social commentary from the book is gone. There are understandably some changes to the overall plot to make it conform more to the traditional 3 act structure its much less stream of consciousness and serialised in structure.

Chase Williamson is great as Dave brining to him a bleary eyed weariness that suits the character. Though I would have liked to have spent more time with Rob Mayes John as he’s one of the most unique characters in fiction. Mayes does a fine job of conveying allot of Johns eccentric and he and Williamson have such great chemistry together it would have been nice to see a bit more of them just interacting with each other. Also the legendary Paul Giamati as the sceptical journalist  gradually having his mind blown apart is as watchable as ever.

There were a couple of notable times where the visuals couldn’t quite match up the effects budget but it was cool that they were committed to brining some of the more outlandish elements of the novel and I appreciated the effort put in.

I love that the ultimate evil speaks like a 14 year old internet troll but I was disappointed how Amy whose pretty damn important character in the book is relegated to just a handful of scenes and is basically just a mcguffin.

I don’t want to be to down on it though because as I say it is a genuinely enjoyable experience and I personally think that this kind of film is what’s sorely lacking in mainstream horror not enough willingness to take risks and make truly bizarre, visceral madness.


Man, I love when Robert Rodriguez gets respect for the important work he’s been doing for, like, 30 years now in terms of media representation. I know it’s slightly dumb because he makes dumb movies where shit blows up but he’s totally been my idol since I was a teenager for…

Reminds me of something Moviebob tweeted about Troma films like The Toxic Avenger and Surf Nazis Must Die where he said it is possible to create films about important and relevant social issues and not have them be dry, impenetrable snorefests.

Ok, I really, really need men on this website to stop justifying little girls getting bullied.


I really hate how obsessive privileged people get over this idea that anything trying to tell them to think about the way they act and how it impacts on others is going to lead to government censorship, or people implanting a mind control chip in your brain.  And it’s often willful.  They KNOW what we mean, but they choose to pick a fight over a specific interpretation of a phrasing (like “ban”) so they can avoid dealing with the actual issue or thinking about how their actions affect the people around them.

I remember once after I flipped through a comic book in a bookstore & there was a graphic rape scene in it that triggered the f- out of me, I tweeted what happened and that I wish we could take a 24 hour break from writing rape in fiction.  It was rhetoric obviously, and me just saying “I am so sick of running into rape in everything I read, and would like people to think about writing it so constantly and gratuitously” and I got cis dudes telling me no!  That’s censorship!  People should be able to write what they want!  Like, my tweet is not the slippery slope to Skynet, people!

It’s just sort of reminding people they can do what they do ALL THE TIME in their lives, make decisions, consider the impact of their actions, think about things, etc… People do this for everything else, and it’s not censorship.  Advice on how to not hurt others is as much censorship as a spellchecker is censorship.

(Source: fandomsandfeminism)

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